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Promotivation Asks Why Use Promotional Products?

Whether you call them corporate gifts, promotional items, promotional merchandise, there are hundreds of ways to use promotional products to boost your sales and marketing campaigns. Promotional Products offer the advertiser, marketer, and direct marketer many ways to reach their target market their message.

  1. Promotional Products can be used to promote the opening of a new warehouse, office location, or other property.
  2. Promotional Products can be used to introduce a new product or service to the marketplace.
  3. Drive traffic to a website using promotional products.
  4. Personalised gifts are a great way to motivate sales representatives, inside or outside sales reps, to challenge them to new sales goals and objectives.
  5. Use corporate gifts to open new accounts, to gain new business, to use as an incentive to do business with the advertiser.
  6. Use marketing products stimulate sales meetings and other gatherings where a “kick” is useful and beneficial to the special event.
  7. Personalised gifts to demonstrate a capability to customers and prospects, either a new one or one that you want to push. The promotional product may be an educational tool for the recipient.
  8. Use Promotional Merchandise to develop trade show or retail store traffic, to get targeted customers and prospects to visit, for some benefit to them.
  9. Use promotional material to introduce a product name change or product enhancement.
  10. Use promotions to open new doors to meet with new prospects (3 dimensional mailings).
  11. Marketing products can be used to reactivate inactive accounts.
  12. Promotional Items can be used to motivate customers to do what will benefit them, and follow up with a Thank You gift after a sale is made.
  13. Gifts with purchase to move specific products, by using limited time offers.
  14. To improve client relations, as a goodwill gesture. Everyone likes to receive a gift! The giver will benefit from the goodwill created by giving a corporate gift.
  15. To build an image, allowing a business to position itself in the marketplace.
  16. To introduce new inside or outside sales reps to customers.
  17. Promotional gifts can inspire employees to perform at the highest level possible.
  18. Corporate gifts can be used to Thank customers and employees.

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